Eve of A Hundred Midnights

"Gripping, impressively researched ... A seamless narrative of daring and dedication." - Kirkus Reviews

With a hand-in-hand leap from a burning dock onto the last boat out of Manila Harbor on New Year's Eve, 1941, newlywed journalists Melville and Annalee Jacoby began an island journey unlike any other honeymoon. Fueled by an incredible romance sparked amid the flames of war, the couple's midnight escape launched an adventure that became one of the last great untold stories from World War II.

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Eve of a Hundred Midnights (William Morrow) recounts through richly-detailed narrative nonfiction the meteoric rise of Melville Jacoby, a dashing foreign correspondent who fell in love not only with a country—China—but with Annalee Whitmore, a whip-smart Hollywood scriptwriter-turned journalist at whose side he covered the opening days of World War II, reporting on the besieged Chinese wartime capital of Chongqing, the fall of Manila and the struggle for Bataan.

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